Strength For Arthritis


                          Would you like to build supple strength so you can live well with arthritis?

I’m delighted that you’re interested in the Strength For Arthritis program.

My new program that I’ve launched recently.

It’s a 14-week program that helps women over 55 with arthritis build supple strength so they can live their lives well with arthritis.

All in the comfort of their own homes and in their own time.

Sounds good… but what is supple strength?

It’s a physical, mental and emotional strength that develops by integrating exercise with mindfulness and self-compassion training together.

Supple Strength helps you gain more muscle strength in your body and flexibility in your joints that are affected by arthritis.

That way, you’ll have more mobility and ease in those stiff joints with less risk of injury and soreness.

And feel stronger in your body.

So with more strength and flexibility you can do more of the things that help you live your life well.

You’ll build your motivation to exercise; boosting consistency for sustained benefits.

And enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of exercise.

With Supple Strength, you’ll also learn how to be more mentally and emotionally strong.

With more mental and emotional strength you’ll be resilient and calm. 

So you can cope so much better with the arthritis, especially on those days when it is painful and sore, with swelling that affects your mobility.

And to stop being so critical of yourself- giving yourself such a hard time, knowing that you’re doing the best you can to look after yourself.

Further boosting your motivation to do the things that help you live well with arthritis.

Would you like to get the many benefits that this Strength For Arthritis program can bring?

Are you ready… I mean really ready… to start your journey towards living well with arthritis?

You can by finding out more about this amazing 14-week program that helps women over 55 with arthritis to build supple strength so they can live their lives well with arthritis.

All in the comfort of their own homes and in their own time.

By the end of the 14 week program you will have supple strength; a physical, mental and emotional strength that develops by integrating exercise with mindfulness and self-compassion training together.

As a member of the Strength For Arthritis Program, you’ll have access to 2 courses:

                                                                                  Living With Arthritis

                                                  Fit Tone Flex

Living with Arthritis course (2 weeks):

1. Specific Exercises for Arthritis. There is a comprehensive range of effective low impact exercises to build strength and mobility in those joints that are affected by arthritis. Led by your coach, Penelope.

These specific exercises are for arthritis in the hands, knees, hips, shoulders and feet.

2.  A Personal Story of Arthritis. A very special video that tells the story of living with arthritis so well. So honestly, poignantly and inspiringly.  It’s Fiona’s Arthritis story. Fiona is a past member of this Strength For Arthritis program and now lives well with her arthritis.

3. The Arthritis Survey. You’ll then complete a survey called that will give you an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the nature of your arthritis and how it impacts your life. This is invaluable as a way of assessing your progress through this course. And it’s also really helpful for boosting and maintaining your motivation. Your motivation to stay with this course and apply your full energies to it.  

4. Living Well With Arthritis- Helpful Information. Next there is an E-book called “Living Well With Arthritis- Helpful Information” that I’ve prepared for this course. Lots of useful and informative facts about arthritis.

 Fit Tone Flex course (12 weeks):

  1. 6x Course modules (with 34 video lessons detailing important information about mindfulness, exercise and self-compassion)
    ….. so you can enhance your knowledge and understanding of mindfulness, exercise and self-compassion, which provides the foundation for your successful progress.
    Topics covered include, for example:
  • effective habit setting,
  • values and intentions,
  • the power of mindfulness and self-compassion for managing arthritis and life,
  • establishing and maintaining an exercise routine,,
  • mindful eating,
  • emotional eating,
  • how to be more mindful during your day,
  • the nature of thoughts,
  • negativity bias,
  • working constructively with the inner critic,
  • nurturing self-compassion,
  • how to deal with difficulties with resilience,
  • how to mange pain, soreness and discomfort and,
  • how to work constructively with stress.

2. 12x Exercise videos (15-30 minutes)

… so you can improve your full body strength and mobility. 

3. 24x BMH formula audios for your cardio sessions (30 minutes with the BMH formula**)

…. so you can create the life-long internal physical, mental and emotional changes required to become a Fit Healthy Grounded Women living well with arthritis.

** refers to the BMH formula I’ve developed- the Body, Mind, Heart formula. It’s the “glue” that integrates the core components of the Strength For Arthritis program-exercise, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

4. 15 x Mindfulness and Self-compassion audio practices (various durations)

….. so you can fine tune and deepen your mindfulness and self-compassion practices.

5. 8x Specific Mindfulness and Self-compassion audio practices for arthritis

…. so you can bring mindfulness and self-compassion to your experiences of arthritis, guiding you to live well with arthritis, even on those really difficult days.

6. Access to the exclusive Supple Strength For Arthritis Facebook Group

…… so you can get additional valuable information, exercises, reflections, support, encouragement, guidance, and connections with the other amazing women in this program (present and past).

7. 5x action-taking” modules

…. so you can turn all that you’ve learnt and experienced in this Strength For Arthritis program into life-long habits. Ingraining them into your routine now and into your future.

8. Worksheets, summary points, reflections

…. so you can reinforce and integrate the physical, mental and emotional resources for your future life living well with arthritis.


You’ll get $2957 AUS worth value for a discount cost of only:

$739 AUS

(That’s 75% off the total value of the program.)

So… the full value of this Strength For Arthritis 14-week program is:

$2957 AUS and you can get access to it for only $739 AUS.

There are 2 payment options:

A. Paid in full$739 AUS with 2 bonuses:

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to the Strength For Arthritis course and all future updates. Value: $1000 AUS

Bonus 2: Lifetime access to the exclusive Supple Strength For Arthritis Facebook Group. Value: $1500 AUS

B. Payment Plan 3x payments and no bonuses ($152 AUS more than paid in full option).
1 upfront payment of $297 AUS with 2 follow up payments of: $297 AUS at 30 days and $297 AUS in 60 days. (Total: $891AUS)

  • Guarantee – After the end of the 14 weeks and after completing all of the exercises, practices, modules, and worksheets within the program, if you haven’t developed supple strength to live well with arthritis, I will refund your money. Please see Terms & Conditions.

Thank you
Penelope xx

P.S. If you’d like to sign up for this amazing 14-week program as a Foundation Member and receive the incredible 75% discount then you can contact me HERE….. and I’ll get back to you to answer any questions and arrange payment.

And then get you started as a valued member of the Strength For Arthritis program.