core offer

the fit tone flex

 Twelve Week Group Coaching Program 

  1. 6x Course videos (detailed information about mindfulness, exercise and self-compassion)

….. so you can enhance your knowledge and understanding of mindfulness, exercise and self-compassion; providing the foundation for your successful progress.

2. 4x 1:1 Private coaching calls (1 hour) with Penelope- weeks 1, 4, 8 & 12

….. so you can get expert personal guidance, clarity and focus to streamline your unique journey to become a Fit Healthy Grounded Woman.

3. 6x Group Q&A calls– scheduled fortnightly

….. so can have a chance to ask your burning questions, which is so helpful for the other women too

4. 12x Exercise videos (15-20 minutes)

….so you can improve your strength and mobility 

5. 24x BMH Formula audios for your cardio sessions (30 minutes with the BMH formula**)

…. so you can create the life-long internal physical, mental and emotional changes required to become a Fit Healthy Grounded Women.

  • ** refers to the BMH formula I’ve developed- the Body, Mind, Heart formula. It’s the “glue” that integrates the core components of the Fit Tone Flex program-exercise, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

6. 15 x Mindfulness and Self-compassion audio practices (various durations)

…. so you can fine tune and deepen your mindfulness and self-compassion practices.

7. Worksheets, summary points, reflections

….. so you can reinforce and integrate the physical, mental and emotional resources.

8. Access to Private Facebook Group

…… so you can get additional valuable information, support, encouragement, guidance, and connections with the other amazing women in this program.

9. 4x Action-taking” modules

….so you can turn your learnings into habits, and ingrain them into your routine 

Bonuses: these are offered with the Pay in Full option only.

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to the 8x training modules.

Bonus 2: Lifetime access to group Q&A calls

Bonus 3: Lifetime Access to Exercise videos and audios with BMH formula, as well as Mindfulness Audio Practices.

Guarantee – After completing all of the exercises, modules, coaching, Q&As and worksheets within the program, if you haven’t doubled your fitness, strength and mobility, Penelope will refund your money. Please see Terms & Conditions