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This program is a comprehensive and balanced course designed to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.

Your Fit Tone Flex course runs for 12 weeks and includes exercise, mindfulness and self-compassion practices together in the same program, and under the same guidance with your coach, Penelope.

I’ll work with you to create physical, mental & emotional health.

So, if you want to have a fitter, stronger, more mobile body, a clearer, calmer mind, and a kinder, more open heart with the convenience of joining one program, then you’re in the right place.

I would love to welcome you to join the Fit Tone Flex program!

Its all about combining exercise, mindfulness and self-compassion practices together in the same innovative program.


How do I know the Fit Tone Flex program is for me?

It’s right for you if you:

  • struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • have an exercise routine of sorts but can’t seem to establish a mindfulness practice
  • feel your mind-heart connection is grounded, but exercising your body isn’t happening
  • have tried to meditate, but found it difficult
  • wish you were not so hard on yourself
  • think you are too unfit, too old, uncoordinated or lack the motivation to change your health
  • feel too tired and lacking in energy to get moving?

The Fit Tone Flex program is designed to guide and support you so that you can make the changes needed to live your life to the fullest.

So, What’s in the course?

12 Week Group Coaching

  • 6 Module Training Portal Access
  • Worksheets, Summary Points, Reflections
  • Private Coaching Calls
  • Group Q&A Calls
  • Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Audios
  • Unique exercise videos presented by your Fit Tone Flex coach, Penelope
  • BMH Formula Audios


During the exercise session you will:

  • learn various safe and effective aerobic (cardio) exercises, designed for a range of abilities and fitness levels. The exercises involve simple, easy moves – even if you have 2 left feet.
  • complete resistance training activities, using light weights or your own body weight,
  • learn muscle activation techniques designed to enhance the muscle-mind connection,
  • learn different mobility/stretching movements, as well as balance exercises,
  • learn up-to-date exercise approaches, and how to incorporate suitable ones into your life.


In Mindful awareness training you will learn:

  • formal and informal mindfulness practices and how living a mindful life is important for happiness and well-being,
  • how to apply mindfulness to boost exercise effectiveness, motivation and enjoyment,
  • common obstacles to living more mindfully in your life, and how to overcome them,
  • how mindfulness can change the way you approach and deal with stress,
  • effective ways of managing physical discomfort and pain,
  • pathways to discovering the inner sense of calm, wisdom and joy we all have within us.


In Self-Compassion training you will explore: 

  • how to be kind and friendly towards yourself in any situation, especially when you’ve made a mistake or feel you’ve fallen short,
  • how to apply self-compassion to build your motivation to exercise and practice mindfulness,
  • various loving kindness practices for yourself and others, that you can incorporate into your life,
  • your core values as they relate to developing self-compassion,
  • different ways of relating to troubling thoughts and unpleasant emotions,
  • how to combat any doubts that may arise around learning self-compassion, like becoming demotivated or self-pitying.

Real Outcomes

Only when you focus on the overall health of your body, mind, and heart as one -the interconnectedness of these three things, will you be able to see and feel the positive changes you want, without the angst and struggles you usually experience.

You’ll get more benefits from exercising; more enjoyment, satisfaction and motivation to keep with it.

Yes, establishing and maintaining healthy habits in your life can now be possible.

Your exercise will be so much more effective. It will be more efficient, targeted and balanced. And of course, there’s less risk of getting injured.

Energy levels can get a real boost. Your productivity also improves; that’s healthy productivity.

You can improve your mental focus, clarity and sense of calm, as well as happiness and connection with others.

The suffering from mental health concerns, which affect so many of us, can be lessened.

This program can change how you treat yourself so you can be a better friend to yourself. 

It can transform your body, mind and heart for lifelong physical, mental and emotional health.

Core Elements Of The Fit Tone Flex Program

Program Coaching

A major part of your Fit Tone Flex program is coaching. 

You’ll have 4x 1:1 coaching calls (1 hour each) with Penelope.

And  6x Bi-weekly / Fortnightly Group Q&A Calls (2 hours each), where you can have your questions about your Fit Tone Flex program answered by Penelope.

Exercise Component

To help you bring more exercise and movement into your life, I’ve prepared 12x exercise videos for you. 

So, with each module, you’ll have a different exercise routine to follow. The routines cater for all fitness level and abilities, and were lots of fun to prepare.

BMH Formulas

The foundation of the Fit Tone Flex program are the BMH Formulas.

You’ll have an opportunity to experience 24 different ones. These audio recordings incorporate the elements you need to integrate mindfulness, movement or exercise and self-compassion into your life.

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I’ve designed the BMH formulas from my 32+ years experience as a Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher, Fitness Trainer, and also as a woman of many, many years of invaluable life experience. They are unique, and you won’t find the BMH formulas anywhere else, as they are exclusive to Fit Tone Flex program.

Mindfulness for Motivation and Well-Being

As part of your Fit Tone Flex experience, you’ll be able to listen to and download 15 mindfulness  practices I’ve recorded especially  for this program.

They will help you build motivation for healthy habits, including exercise, as well as promote well-being for yourself.

Acesss to Private Facebook Group

As a valued member of the Fit Tone Flex program, you’ll have access to the Fit Healthy Grounded Women Facebook Group.

Here, you’ll have the chance to connect with other link-minded women to share experiences and support each other. Also, to be kept up to date with the latest important information about health and well-being.

What Women Say About Penelope

Penelope has a warm and engaging style which helped me feel at ease in trying out some new activities. I enjoyed the way she integrated mindfulness practice, physical exercise and self compassion in the lovely space she has created. It was fun to be with a group of similar aged people learning some new activities. I felt the benefit of the class without having a sense of working hard so am interested to return.


Penelope offers a deeper understanding of what mindfulness is all about, its application to every day real life situations, and how it can benefit our physical and mental health in so may ways. The exercise component was much enjoyed, with a mix of well considered cardio and weights. I’m pretty sure we got all parts moving there, and the variety from week to week (along with the cool tunes) was appreciated.   Thank you Penelope… I will definitely be back for more !👏😊


Fit Tone Flex was the perfect four week program to reboot my health routine and mindset. Penelope is an amazing, professional facilitator with a vast range of experience and qualifications. I was made to feel comfortable and encouraged to extend my physical health and  mental well being. This is truly a unique program that incorporates meditation, self kindness and exercise …. I  thoroughly recommend Penelope and Fit Healthy Grounded Women.

Thank you Penelope !


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