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Body-Mind-Heart Connection

The Body-Mind-Heart connection is absolutely essential for the quality of your life.  We need to enhance our body-mind-heart connection— make it stronger, deeper, more balanced and resilient.  Because when you do this, you can experience your health and well-being in...

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Thankfully, our attitudes and expectations of ageing have changed significantly over time. It would have been considered ludicrous for an 80, 70 or even 60 years old to run a marathon before. Now, it's considered very doable. I am testament to that fact. When I was...

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  Self-kindness Is treating ourselves well, being kind to ourselves, as if we are important and that we like and respect ourselves. It involves feelings of friendliness towards ourselves. We all have this capacity to be kind, it’s built into our DNA; our hearts...

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What Is Mindful Awareness?

Mindful Awareness or Mindfulness Is focusing our attention on what’s actually happening in the moment, without any judgement. This allows us to create a healthy distance from our thoughts and feelings so we can have more control over them. We can then consciously...

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Why I Started Fit Healthy Grounded Women

My Own Health Journey....   Exercise I graduated as an aerobics teacher back in the 80’s, when headbands, leotards and  80s music were all the rage. Even though my leotard days are over, I’ve been teaching on and off since then. I was fortunate to be part of the...

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