It can be a struggle to try and maintain our healthy habits, and to try and change our unhealthy ones.

Some of our habits are so ingrained, we don’t realize we’re doing them.

We just continue living them out without much effort.

This is good news when we wish to maintain healthy lifestyle habits long term without much mental effort.

And unfortunately, this also follows with unhealthy lifestyle habits, like sitting too much or eating too much of the wrong foods. Not looking after our well being with mindfulness.

Doing the same unhealthy things without much awareness.

Those unhealthy habits that are so easy to perpetuate can then be so difficult to change.

This then makes it really challenging to create a new healthy habits and begin a healthy lifestyle.

I’m sure you know what I mean?

So we need to find ways of challenging what we’re doing and being open to look for something better.

Fortunately, there is a way of doing this.

By reflecting on your values when setting your goals around creating healthy habits.

Usually examples of a healthy habit might be: to exercise to look better, to practise mindfulness regularly to get rid of stress or to establish healthy eating to lose weight.

Now these aren’t actually wrong or bad, it’s just that they can be counterproductive.

They can potentially set up unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, and in this way, set up the risk of failure.

You can successfully shift from unhealthy to healthy habits by reflecting on your values when setting your goals. 

Here are some examples of this process: Instead of having the healthy habit of eating well to lose weight, Emma re-framed her habit to: eating well to have more energy to do the things that are important in her life like playing with her grandchildren.

Another, exercising more to look good was re-framed by Amanda as exercising more to be fitter and stronger and to help her manage her mental health better.

And another one, bringing more mindfulness into your life to get rid of stress was morphed by Penny to: practising mindfulness so I can better manage my stress levels to be more available for my family.

The idea here is to draw upon the underlying benefits of your healthy habits. For instance: positive mood, feeling stronger and fitter, changes to health related issues, more manageable stress levels, being able to do the things that are important in your life, and more energy.

Drawing on these benefits will then assist you to re-frame your healthy habits, bringing in your values as well. 

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Maybe you could post your reframed healthy habits with your values in the comments section below, like the examples in this blog?