In recent years, there’s been a hopeful sign of the acceptance and integration of exercise into our society.

Medical practitioners are actually prescribing exercise for illnesses, in much the same way they would with diet and medication.

This is called Prescriptive Exercise and Exercise as Medicine.

Despite all of this good news about exercise, it’s still the case that a significant number of older people are still not moving enough each day.

So, they don’t get the benefits of being active, and may also run an increased risk of developing ill health, both of the body and mind.

We all have our particular excuses why we don’t exercise:

The most common excuses for not exercising are:-

a lack of time- I often hear women say that they don’t have time to exercise. They’re already overwhelmed by all the demands in their life- their to do lists.

Sound familiar?

Expense of gym memberships or dislike of gyms.

A lack of motivation to exercise?

This is the most common reason we don’t exercise.

A lack of energy to exercise- finding the energy to exercise can be a stumbling block to getting started.

The truth of it though is that exercise will make you feel more energized.

Would you like more energy?

 Other excuses:-getting bored easily- being unfit, too old, too fat, uncoordinated or embarrassed to exercise-comparing yourself to others. Women can really put themselves down and compare themselves to others.

When we compare ourselves to other women who are more physically fit and look the way we want to look, we get overwhelmed by our negative thoughts and this affects our motivation to do what we need to do to get healthy.

It’s a negative cycle.

Can you see the issue here?

A sense of failure-“I failed in the past, I’ll fail again; there’s no point in starting, it’s just too hard.”

I’ve heard this so many times and it saddens me.

Not being able to stick to a program; keep a routine.

Discomfort when sweating too much or getting hot- I can relate to this one.

The sense that nothing you’ve tried has worked.

You get too tired and sore.

And worried about getting injured.

What is your particular excuse not to exercise?

Whatever it is, I want to invite you to find activities that keep you moving.

You are worth the effort; you matter and you deserve to experience all the benefits that exercise can bring into your life?

Thankfully it’s never too late to start.

Research has shown that even those who begin exercise later in life can reap the rewards that exercise offers.

So, no excuses….