The Body-Mind-Heart connection is absolutely essential for the quality of your life.

 We need to enhance our body-mind-heart connection— make it stronger, deeper, more balanced and resilient. 

Because when you do this, you can experience your health and well-being in a whole new way. When you combine activities that target all three systems together, the results can be outstanding.

Indeed, the principle of synergy states that systems working well together produce even greater positive results than they would working independently. 

Similarly, the Gestalt theory states that humans are best viewed as a whole entity, consisting of body, mind, and soul. 

The whole of anything is greater than its parts, and cannot be understood simply as a sum of smaller, independent parts. 

Now when this is applied to the health and well-being of your mind, heart and body; when you are working all the systems together in sync. you will experience much greater benefit than those you’d have by participating in them separately. 

Now, that’s cool