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Strength For Arthritis Program

Combining Exercise, Mindfulness And Self-Compassion Together To Build Supple Strength For Arthritis

                     Your Strength For Arthritis Coach

                    Penelope Lane

Supple Strength

This Strength For Arthritis program is all about developing supple strength.

It’s a physical, mental and emotional strength that develops by integrating exercise with mindfulness and self-compassion training together in one unique program. 

Supple strength develops via the activation of the body-mind-heart connection… your body is stronger with greater mobility and flexibility. You can experience less pain, stiffness, inflammation and soreness.

It also has the amazing benefits of being more mentally strong with enhanced mental clarity, memory, calm and capacity to cope with the pain and stiffness of arthritis.

As well as being more emotionally strong. More resilient and supportive and understanding with yourself and others.

Welcome to Fit Healthy Grounded            Women

Do you want to build supple strength so you can live well with arthritis?

Be part of the unique Strength For Arthritis Program to get the physical, mental and emotional strength you want.

Strength For Arthritis integrates Exercise with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices together in the same program, and under the same guidance with your coach, Penelope.

Hello! Penelope here.

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Fitness Trainer and Mindfulness Teacher with 33+ years experience. And with a background in Nursing as well.

I’ve developed this innovative Strength For Arthritis program; combining exercise, mindfulness and self-compassion. It includes special audio recordings, called the BMH (Body Mind Heart) Formula, which provide the “glue” that integrates these 3 essential elements of health and well-being.

By combining exercise with mindfulness and self-compassion in one program, you don’t have to set aside 3 days to go to the gym, another few do mindfulness classes, and a different time for self-compassion.

Strength For Arthritis integrates all 3 together, in the same program.

It’s the best way of working constructively with all of the things that get in the way of you looking after yourself…. so you can live well with arthritis. No time, lack of planning, low energy, lack of motivation, critical self-talk and of course, the demands of others.

So, you can balance the needs of family, partners, friends and colleagues whilst still embracing self-care.

Can you imagine the power of this in your life?

This program can build your physical, mental and emotional strength so you live well with arthritis.

Do You Want To?

Make helpful changes to the experience of arthritis?

 Cope well with the pain, stiffness and inflammation of arthritis?

Become someone who moves more and sits less.

Have more energy, fitness, strength, balance and tone?

Enhance your exercise motivation and enjoyment?

Be more alert and awake?

Become more emotionally resilient; able to navigate what life throws at you?

Handle your problems well and manage your stress levels? 

Be calmer and satisfied with your life?

Balance your needs with those of others, so you can look after yourself too?

Take charge of unwelcome age-related changes, once thought of as inevitable?

You’re not alone. And I’m here to help. 

How I can Help?

Hello there, my name’s Penelope, Clinical Psychologist-Fitness/Personal Trainer-Mindfulness Teacher. I’ve also worked as a Nurse.

A huge part of valueing my own health and well-being is to share the discoveries I’ve made on my own health journey- the health of my body, mind and heart- with others- like YOU!

I’ve been helping women with chronic health conditions like arthritis get a fitter, stronger, more mobile body, a clearer, calmer mind, and a kinder, more open heart for over 33 years.

I know that so many things can get in the way of having a healthy lifestyle.

And it’s OK.

We are all doing the best we can and, in my experience as a confidant and trainer to women, we all want to improve our lives and sometimes just need the right help to get us there.

My commitment is to assist you to find the strength, motivation and courage you need to build the supple strength you need to live well with arthritis.

There is a way you can optimize your physical, mental and emotional health without the angst and struggles you usually experience.

There is a way to exercise the body, mind and heart, all at once.

To activate the body-mind-heart connection.

That way is to combine activities for the body, activities for the mind and activities for the heart in one comprehensive program.

An integrated program including exercise, mindfulness and self-compassion.

The Strength For Arthritis program.

This unique program allows you to experience many wonderful new things.

You deserve to lead a healthy, emotionally rewarding life.


Exercise is one of the best ways of  managing arthritis. It builds strength in muscles, increases flexibility, lessens joint pain, and increases the lubrication in joints.

It also helps with managing weight so crucial for living well with arthritis. And has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Exercise is key to helping you feel good too- boosting your mood, as well balancing your mental and emotional health.


With Mindfulness you learn to focus clearly and objectively on what’s happening in your life.  And to acknowledge it openly, so you can work wisely, positively and constructively with the experiences in your life.

Mindfulness is all about creating a healthy, balanced distance from negative thoughts, physical pain/discomfort, and difficult emotions. In this way, you can better manage your life with arthritis.


Self-compassion is the practice of treating yourself with care, especially when things get difficult in life. In the same way you would a good friend or loved family member.

Self-compassion is a very effective motivator for positive change, as it replaces self-criticism with support and encouragement.


Living Well With Arthritis

It can be hard to do all the things you know you need to do to maintain your health and well-being with arthritis.

We’re bombarded with information about how to live well with arthritis. There are countless tips and lists of activities that promote good physical, mental and emotional health.

So, you can feel really frustrated and at times, overwhelmed and worried that you’re not able to do all the things you know you should.

To help maintain that overall sense of health and well-being.

So, you can actually end up doing very little or not enough because it’s just too hard.

You don’t have the time, energy, motivation or resources to do it all.

Or you can do too much; trying to fit it all into your schedule, and end up feeling more stressed.

Can you see the problem here?

And of course, you may criticise yourself; put yourself down for not doing what you know you need to help cope with the experiences of arthritis.

Are you ready to make some changes?

Do you want to learn how to build supple strength for arthritis?

Then you’re in the right place. The Strength For Arthritis program will help you to have a fitter, stronger, more mobile body, a clearer, calmer mind, and a kinder, more open heart with the convenience of joining one program.

About Penelope

Clinical Psychologist, Fitness Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher

Hi, I’m Penelope Lane, and I’m so excited that you’re interested in learning to live well with your arthritis. So you can become a Fit Healthy Grounded Woman.

I’m a Fit Healthy Grounded Woman, but it didn’t happen by accident. It was born from the culmination of the trials and successes of my own health journey, as well as my professional experience in the areas of Mindfulness, Psychology,  Fitness and Nursing.

I wanted to introduce myself and share with you more of the Fit Healthy Grounded Woman story and it’s core program, Strength For Arthritis.

Exercise has been an integral part of my life right up to the present moment: involving swimming, jogging, resistance training, tap dancing, walking my dog and aerobic exercise classes.

I started swimming when I was 2 months pregnant with my first child – that was 33 years ago. I haven’t stopped exercising since then… and a few years ago, at the age of 61, I trained and ran my first half marathon – that’s 22km.

Yes, it was amazing!

I made it across the finish line absolutely exhausted and strangely exhilarated.

A few days later, I felt utterly inspired to continue looking after myself.

Putting into practice all the skills I knew to be helpful from my professional and personal health experience.

Namely,  Mindfulness, Self-compassion and Exercise. Combined, of course, with good nutrition, adequate sleep, positive social connections, and having a sense of purpose.

Looking back, I think it was at that time, the Fit Healthy Grounded Women seed was planted in me: my body, mind and heart.

So, I got to work and Fit Healthy Grounded Women was born, and its core program Strength for Arthritis.


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It would be my privilege to be your ‘wellness ally’, doing my absolute best to support, guide and inspire you as you work towards achieving your health goals with arthritis.

“I believe that with the right guidance and skills, you can improve your health significantly – wherever you are starting from.” Penelope

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What can you expect from me during the program...

I create a warm, caring, empathic, engaged, respectful, and non-judgemental mindful presence when working with people.

This allows for the best opportunities to develop your own inner strength and make key long-term personal changes.

From my own experience with both mental and physical health issues, I have a mature sense of compassion. With a deep understanding of what it means to live together in this world of ours.

Most importantly of all: my inner flexibility, as well as my honest, joyous and heart-felt approach to life means that the  Strength For Arthritis  program will be dynamic, practical, reassuring, and quite often full of moments of laughter.

Here’s A Guide To 11 Exercises To Build Supple Strength For Arthritis

get effective low impact exercises to build your supple strength so you can live well with arthritis.

– learn how to make exercise an essential part of your routine by boosting your motivation. 

– find ways of being mindful during exercise, so you’re more focused, helping maintaining good form and doing the exercises correctly. Making sure youre working the appropriate muscles more efficiently, and in ways that avoid any soreness or injuries.

-explore ways you can move with the experience of pain of arthritis rather than fighting against it. Allowing you to create a different relationship with the pain.

– have helpful tools so you can be aware of self-criticism sooner rather than later, and treat yourself in a kinder, more supportive and helpful way. Making you stronger- more emotionally resilient- more grounded.

Honestly, I was unsure how the three practices and transitioning from one to the other would work. By the second week a natural understanding was developing, through reflecting on my inner values and learning how to redirect my negative thoughts, I found myself being more present in my daily life. More importantly for me, an undeniable sense of calm, a confidence of being able to control my anxiety and depression. Penelope created a homely, informal space where the exercises are targeted, safe and fun. I’ve noticed an improvement with my posture and knowledge of a tighter core. Penelope really knows her stuff, living proof the combination of these techniques can really make a difference.


As a Clinical Psychologist for many years, who also has a regular yoga & meditation practice, I believe Penelope has developed a unique and yet obvious and common sense approach to working with health. There is growing research-based evidence supporting the integration of mindfulness, self compassion and movement into psycho-therapeutic approaches, as well as self care practices. In addition, the benefits of a group approach in making any form of behavior change are well documented.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What age group is this program suitable for?

Strength For Arthritis is best suited for women aged 55 to 75. If you would like to participate in the program and are outside this age range, please contact Penelope to discuss whether Strength For Arthritis is suitable for you.


This program caters for all fitness/strength levels, so whether you’re fit or not, you will benefit from being part of this program. Exercise alternatives are included in the exercise instructions and guidelines.

If you have an injury or medical concern that precludes a certain exercise; then appropriate alternatives will be demonstrated.


That’s completely OK – no prior experience with mindfulness is required. Absolute beginners are very welcome, as are people who have more experience with mindfulness practices.

WHAT IS THE Strength For Arthritis PROGRAM?

The Strength For Arthritis program is the core program of Fit Healthy Grounded Women. It’s a unique 14 week program or course integrating exercise, mindfulness and self-compassion practices together in the same program, under the same guidance with your coach, Penelope.


You will be asked to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire for your own safety. If you have a significant existing injury or medical condition/s, Penelope may ask that you obtain a medical certificate. We’ll take it from there. The exercise element is for all fitness levels and abilities, as I offer alternatives for each exercise.


This is a skills-based or resource building program, not a therapeutic one. It may not suitable if you have serious mental health issues.

If you would like to discuss your suitability for this program, please contact Penelope.

Also, the 3x 1:1 private consults are not therapy consults, as instead,  you will be encouraged to discuss your experiences within the content of the program and the activities you do at home. You will learn how you can implement the training into your life.

The program is not designed to address individual psychological issues and crises.


You can get in touch with Penelope by email or, simply hit the ‘Contact Penelope’ button below. Please keep in mind that the office is open from 9AM-5PM AWST (Perth, W.Australia time),  Monday – Friday.



Terms & Conditions are linked at the bottom of all pages.

The Terms & Conditions for the Strength For Arthritis guarantee can also be found in the above link.


what currency does fit healthy grounded women use?

AUD is the currency used for Fit Healthy Grounded Women programs.

where is fit healthy grounded women located?

Penelope, the creator, owner and coach of Fit Healthy Grounded Women is located in Fremantle, a city in Western Australia. Location is no issue as the program is available to woman all around the world.

what equipment do i need?

To help obtain the optimal benefits from the Living Well With Arthritisprogram a few bits of equipment are needed.

  • A Yoga/ exercise mat is a great investment if you don’t have one already.
  • 2x Resistance Bands: 1. Short- low strength; (8cm wide and 76cm in diameter-length). 2. Long- low strength; (3.2cm wide
    and 208cm in diameter-length).
    I like the fabric ones as I find them more comfortable, but the rubber ones may suit you better.
where can i find free resources & support

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